Dollorie Chaturbate Rules

Dollorie is a Naked Cam Girl on Chaturbate who offers live sex shows for tips or private sessions, video streaming and text chat with fans on cam. She currently holds a 4.6 Star Rating on Chaturbate’s Homepage Page.

Like any cam site, Chaturbate imposes rules which models must abide by to remain active on its platform. Here are some of the major ones:

No rape roleplay – This includes all forms of sexual assault. No violence or blood is to be shown, no ejaculation, feces or urine show or “dirty” shows (menstruation, vomit or animal sex are examples of “dirty shows”) should take place and no uniforms with actual trademark rights should be worn during broadcasts – this could result in legal issues from companies who own them; so avoid doing this as much as possible! You may cosplay as sports team players or police officers but do not broadcast wearing real uniforms as this would trigger cease and desist letters from companies owning such trademarked organizations so it would be best avoided!

Your account cannot be used to send spam or harass other users, arrange offline payments directly into your bank account or provide escorting services outside Chaturbate’s system.