El_Xox – Chaturbate Rules and Guidelines

ElXox Chaturbate

Chaturbate is the industry-leading camming site and boasts an incredible model roster with unique personalities. To stay active on Chaturbate, all models must abide by its rules and guidelines in order to maintain active accounts.

This article will provide an introduction to Chaturbate rules and how to avoid being banned, whether you are new or an experienced cam performer. Regardless, the information below should prove valuable for everyone.

El_Xox is a non-binary English speaking VTuber, streamer and content-creator who specializes in gaming, ASMR, dancing as well as more mature sexy/fetish content creation on their channel. They possess a friendly, bubbly personality and always look forward to taking on new challenges on camera – such as You X you Lose games or trying out body art related items or techniques on camera.

One ear is pierced, and they possess two tattoos in each ear as well as several tats/tattoos; including: pink womb tattoo on lower belly, flower tats on right and left upper thighs and tentacle tattoo across their right arm. Furthermore they wear long blue bolero with right sleeve being transparent along with yellow tie, pleated black/blue mini skirt and grey sneakers as their attire.

Some might look at Max and Harper, or anyone on Chaturbate for that matter, and think they understand exactly what sex is; loving, perhaps; monogamous likely; dignified by its secrecy; sacred because it doesn’t involve cell phones. Yet after spending enough time on Chaturbate this view of sexuality becomes both narrow and unambitious: total sexual anarchy is prevented from emerging by a vigilant volunteer police force that acts like Wikipedia moderators; they report and block performers who look underage or violate one of Chaturbate’s few rules-violence against animals or excrement- which effectively controls total sexual anarchy before it can arises on Chaturbate’s platform.