FirstandSecond Modeling on Chaturbate

Firstandsecond is an exquisite webcam model who loves making her partners’ fantasies come true through cam shows. She’s quite adept at fulfilling them too.

Chaturbate operates differently from traditional labor markets in that exchanges occur through non-standardized mechanisms; rather than employing standardised exchange mechanisms to broker exchange, Chaturbate formats models as well as their shows through various’market devices’ that turn highly variable bodies and performances into calculable sexual commodities (Muniesa & Pettinger 2013). A model’s board placement – hierarchically ordering thumbnails related to her live show – helps determine earnings; consequently achieving high rankings is essential to succeeding as webcam model

In order to maintain their high rankings on platforms such as YouTube or Twitch, models cultivate niche visibility by building up a follower base – known as ‘follow’ buttons – which automatically notifies viewers when they go live. They may also invest in additional activities such as producing and promoting self-made content or dressing up in costumes unrelated to them (for instance a police officer costume) so long as this does not violate copyright or trademark laws. These market innovations – what Jane Guyer (2016) terms “apportunistic innovations” – can either consolidate or disrupt moral orders articulated on models’ forums that focus on fair play as their main tenet.

However, the indeterminacy of this market environment diminishes models’ abilities to sustain their hustle, eventually rendering it untenable. Furthermore, new apps and bots that automate certain forms of content production further complicate determining what constitutes an “excellent” or successful show.

To reduce these risks, new models must become familiar with the rules of Chaturbate’s marketplace and avoid violations such as: