Goddess Aphrodite Chaturbate

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According to legend, Aphrodite was an alluring maiden with the ability to make everyone who saw her smile, thus becoming a symbol of love, beauty, happiness and fertility. She became widely popular throughout ancient Greece and beyond as she provided people with relief when facing difficulties; hence her cult spread further than just its immediate locales.

Aphrodite derives her name from the root ‘galane’ which means to laugh or smile, related to Indo-European roots glh2s-neh2 > galana and gelao which both mean the same. Her etymology implies an association with water as a place of tranquillity and restfulness.

Aphrodite has long been linked with dawn and its brightness in Greek mythology; for instance in IG XII 2 70 she is listed as being Orthros’ daughter (‘daybreak’). Aphrodite likely takes its name from Aos which translates as daybreak or dawn as her father Kronos was frequently associated with that aspect of nature in Greece mythology.

Aphrodite and Dawn are linked by epithets applied to Hermes and Hebe, as well as in Homer’s story of a king from Phocis. One such epithet, Ephesia “beautiful face”, provides another link between Aphrodite and the Dawn: it comes from Latin words for sun (lupus “lion”) which also has been used for Venus in Roman villa inscriptions.