Heatherbby9 Is Being Victimized by Bots on Chaturbate

Heatherbby9, known on Chaturbate as one of the hottest cam models since 2016, is well known as one of the hottest chaturbate cam models. Her main interests include roleplaying and fantasy fucking as well as her thick ass and tight tits.

Unfortunately, shes been victimized by bots on Chaturbate. Everyday well converting rooms are being shoved out of sight by bot-boosted low quality rooms that attract new users (but don’t spend any money) as well as studios looking to secure talent via CB. Furthermore, this practice is unfair to camgirls with better conversion rates who may also be single performers.

So far, cb has done nothing to address this problem and regain customer quality. One solution would be using software which gathers statistics and detects bots; only then can cb hope to address this issue and bring back customer satisfaction.

Its unfortunate that CB doesn’t do something to address this. Bot rooms are taking traffic away from better converting ones and leading to an ongoing downward spiral. Banning these rooms and making re-registering impossible could help resolve this problem, yet CB seems content with letting this continue for whatever reason; thats just sad, its almost like they don’t care about their own community and disregard complaints by customers about service provided.