How to Get Started in Candyskys Chaturbate

Candyskys Chaturbate

Starting out can be daunting, but with hard work and some luck you can build a loyal audience on this platform. Be yourself and be creative with your broadcasts; viewers respond well to unique personalities.

To increase your chances of earning tokens, post a cam schedule in your room bio and use bots to promote it during downtime. Be active in your community by replying to messages so viewers know you care for them; creating an Amazon wishlist is another effective strategy!

If you use OBS to broadcast, make sure your camera resolution and bitrate are set to at least 720p/3000kbps; any lower resolution can slow down your stream and lead to viewers experiencing lag. Also expand the camera canvas until its base resolution has been filled up; finally enter your stream key from Chaturbate Broadcaster into OBS for broadcast.