How to Stay Safe on Chaturbate

Chaturbate is a powerhouse in the live cams space. Girls, guys and trans people create accounts at this website and upload videos in exchange for tips from viewers – unlike many other sites Chaturbate accepts both traditional credit card payment as well as cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin payments.

Connection with their viewers is vitally important; however, taking all necessary measures to remain safe should also be prioritised. That means never sharing personal details on any platform and adopting an anonymous screen name that protects identity as well as taking smart measures whenever going live.

For example, if you come across a tip message with just an emoticon without the associated text (such as :tip100) it could be fake tip message from hackers. To verify this further by moving your mouse over it and viewing its alternate text ( such as :tip100), then it likely not an authentic system message from Chaturbate.

As another way of avoiding hackers, changing your font and font size in public rooms and private messaging windows will make it easier to recognize scam messages. Furthermore, clearing frequently used symbols and emoji from text fields so as to not clutter it is recommended – to do this expand the viewer and select Action menu > Clear frequently Used Characters which will clear all symbols/emoji used within 30 days from this text field.