Iminako Chaturbate – What is and isn’t allowed on Iminako Chaturbate

Iminako is an attractive girl looking forward to exploring your dark thoughts and fantasies! She can chat with you and find out exactly what’s on your list for kink, then take you there herself! Iminako doesn’t shy away from playing around in her webcam room either – let her pamper your cock and make all your wildest fantasies come true!

What’s Not Allowed: Its No Drugs/Alcohol on Camera – Although smoking medical or recreational marijuana is allowed, smoking during broadcast is strictly forbidden. Furthermore, neither drinking alcohol or taking prescribed drugs are allowed during production. No public nude shows – It is against the rules to display nudity in public broadcasts, such as outdoor shows. Additionally, vomit, feces or urine should never be displayed publicly – even for private shows! Don’t break copyright/trademark laws – It is perfectly acceptable to cosplay as characters from real life; however, any uniform that represents an organization (for instance “DisneyPrincess69” would violate copyright law and cause issues).