Marcelinee Chaturbate

Marcelinee Chaturbate

Marcelinee Chaturbate, known by fans of Adventure Time as Marcelinee Chaturbate is an animated character featured on Cartoon Network series Adventure Time. As a vampire with shapeshifting abilities and flying through the air capabilities, she serves as one of Princess Bubblegum’s closest allies while at times opposing Ice King in battles for supremacy.

Marceline was inspired by Pendleton Ward’s childhood friend Marie. According to Ward, he wanted the character of Marceline to be complex as too often female characters in animation are either stereotypical or extreme opposites of cliche.

She is described as a young woman with light blue-gray skin, crooked fangs and long midnight black hair that reaches down to her feet. Additionally, two scars on her neck indicate the bite which caused her transformation into a vampire.

Hunson Abadeer was killed by a group of zombies during season one. Her mother Elise passed away centuries prior to this point; during one flashback scene she can be seen trying to take Marceline to her secret hideout in the desert but perished due to illness en route; Marceline still feels abandoned by this experience and holds this thought close.

Over the seasons, Marceline has revealed herself to be bisexual, dating both Princess Bubblegum and Ash. However, her relationship with Ash became an issue following “What Was Missing”, when an accompanying video recap implied they may have had an intimate encounter. Furthermore, The Ice King serves as her close friend and mentor.

Marceline and the Scream Queens was a six issue comic miniseries written by Meredith Gran of Octopus Pie and illustrated by Faith Erin Hicks that premiered in July 2012. The story followed Marceline and Scream Queens forming a band and performing live around Ooo, published by Boom! Studios’ kid-oriented imprint KaBoom.

Marceline plays the bass guitar while floating through the air, mostly using her right hand but occasionally showing her left one as well. Her voice actress Olivia Olson who voices Vanessa Doofenshmirtz from Phineas and Ferb is providing Marceline’s voice acting performance.

Marceline gains many supernatural abilities after taking in the essence of powerful vampires, such as The Fool and Empress: she gained the ability to fly; from The Hierophant: she can shapeshift (taking the form of bat, wolf, reptilian creature or tentacled monster); from The Moon she gained healing powers that are fast acting while remaining safe from sun exposure – further giving her immortality and longevity for eternity.

Lego Dimensions features a playable Lego version of Marceline as part of an exclusive pack with Princess Bubblegum and Jake; this limited-run offer quickly sold out.