The Hotties Chaturbate Rules For Adult Performers

TheHotties Chaturbate

If you’re an adult performer considering working at Chaturbate and getting on cam, here are a few key things you need to remember. Make sure that you adhere to all the rules set forth by Chaturbate regarding both models and consumers alike and avoid doing anything that would lead to your suspension from the site – this applies regardless of whether it’s your first time modeling or veteran cam girl status!

At first, it is absolutely forbidden for you to perform any form of dirty show. Doing this violates Chaturbate TOS and is taken very seriously; anyone performing any sort of dirty act, including peeing, pooping, and vomiting shows, could quickly find themselves banned – this includes things such as peeing or vomiting shows that violate this agreement – this behavior should never be allowed nor tolerated!

As part of your online modeling experience, it’s also vital that you don’t engage in rape roleplay. Doing so could damage both your reputation as a model as well as any viewer that might feel uncomfortable. Also important is not using fake names on any website as this will prevent followers from building up over time and may result in swift banning.

Do not spam or harass anyone on the site as this violates our Terms and Conditions (TOS), potentially leading to legal ramifications. Do not discuss other sites you camming on or encourage people to join other cam rooms that you frequent; nor use racist, offensive or slur language when talking with other camers in cam rooms.

Smoking or using drugs should also not be done while on camera as this not only violates TOS guidelines, but is bad for both you and the audience – potentially turning them away from future shows!

There are many things you should avoid doing on Chaturbate, but these are some of the key ones to keep in mind. Make sure that you follow these rules and avoid doing anything that could get you banned from the site.

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