Top Chaturbate Models

Are You An Adult Performer Who Enjoys Naked Masturbating in Front of Horny Fans? Chaturbate may be just what you’re looking for! Sign-up is relatively painless, with just some minor hoops to jump through; all that’s required to start earning money immediately is having access to reliable high speed internet and a reliable webcam, plus being 18 or over (Chaturbate will conduct age verification procedures to stay legal).

Learn about becoming a chaturbate model with my article How To Become A Chaturbate Model. Chaturbate offers free trial memberships so don’t be intimidated to sign up and give it a try – your first performance could even earn token tips!

There are so many beautiful Chaturbate models to choose from that it can be difficult to select the ideal ones to spend your tokens on. CB Explorer Top Charts provide a good place to begin, while taking a look at their Top 20 List is also highly recommended as this gives a clear indication of which models are popular among their followers, average single tips, and room traffic counts is often an indicator.

Here are the 10 most-tipped girls currently available on our platform. If a model is hotter, your tips could bring in even more.

Pierced brunette Ehotlovea may not top the charts, but she still works more than 43 hours each week online. From moaning and squirting to big tits and piercings – not forgetting those deep green eyes! She can be booked by both members and guests alike for private one-on-one time in her private room.

A regular in the Chaturbate cams rooms, this blond tittiest brunette can often be found squirting and moaning away at Chaturbate’s horny cams rooms. With her huge tits, ass and petite body it’s no wonder why she has such an avid following – book her in her private room for just a small tip or take advantage of one-on-one sessions with her on Tuesdays for even more of an experience!

With over one million followers, this attractive blonde boasts a large and loyal fan base. A popular sexy talker who frequently bjs and dildoes her fans, she makes for an excellent option for any man looking for someone open minded to stimulate his sexual desires. Though her schedule may be unpredictable at times, she typically broadcasts for around 16 hours on Thursdays.

Effyloweell may only have 1,221 points on CB Explorer charts, but her impressive following more than makes up for it. A seductive little squirter and moaner, she is an absolute natural on cam. Boobies of epic proportions make her an excellent option for guys seeking an honest yet hardcore session. Regular in the Horny Cams community and regularly featured as an option in Horny Cams sessions – she makes for a fantastic selection when looking for natural but hardcore sessions!