Yourlittlepervert Chaturbate Rules

Yourlittlepervert Chaturbate

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Chaturbate has quickly become one of the most beloved platforms on which to work. Although its rules can seem restrictive at times, most are reasonable and easily manageable; all that needs to happen for it to work smoothly is not abusing or abusing its system, spamming or harassing others or doing something illegal or inappropriate in front of a camera.

No Real Uniforms – Please refrain from wearing any costume or outfit that represents a real organization (police uniforms, military gear). Also avoid anything which might violate copyright/trademark laws as this could get you into trouble with Disney or other companies due to infringing upon their trademarked names.

No drugs/alcohol on camera – This rule covers medical and recreational marijuana as well as alcohol; you cannot use either during broadcasts, or discuss it during private shows. You also cannot perform Bukkake or Goatse scenes or any show which includes pain/torture/blood/erotic asphyxiation scenes/shows that harm. Lastly, broadcasting outdoors without permission from property owner and neighbors must not be visible is also not allowed.