How to Reduce Chaturbate Recodings

Chaturbate Recodings

Recodings of your live cam show may be recorded by fans with webcam recorders, cell phones or other devices. To stop this, add a personal watermark or use filtering software that obscures it from non-paying viewers; or block users or limit access only for certain groups such as paying fans or fan club members.

There are various websites that enable you to download Chaturbate shows; typically hosted outside the US so as to not fall subject to DMCA takedown notices, they require models to weigh whether taking this risk is worth taking or not.

Locoloader is a free program that makes recording Chaturbate shows in MP4 easier. Just paste a link into Locoloader and click one of the Download buttons; within seconds your video will download to your computer – double-clicking will let you watch! Although not foolproof, Locoloader remains one of the best solutions to reduce recodings.