Monstrumologist Chaturbate – Book Review

Rick Yancey’s debut young adult novel, Monstrumologist Chaturbate, takes readers on an exciting and suspenseful adventure into the mysterious and dangerous world of monsters. Told through Will Henry’s diary entries authored during a period with Dr. Pellinore Warthorpe as Monstrumologist (scientist who studies organisms considered monsters and hunts them), we discover monsters such as Anthropophagi (headless creatures that resemble human forms but feed through mouths in their chest), Wendigos (similar to werewolves), and Typheus Magnificum–Holy Grail of Monstrumology!

Will Henry is an orphan aged twelve when his parents die mysteriously in a fire and must find shelter somewhere. Dr. Pellinore Warthorpe takes in Will, offering shelter as the specialist of monstrumology – the study of monster-type creatures. While Will finds him somewhat odd and distant at first, Will ultimately appreciates Warthorpe for providing him with shelter after having no other options after their deaths in such a horrific fire.

Once Will meets Warthorpe at his grave robbing gig, Warthorpe realizes Anthropophagi have infiltrated American soil. But whether Will will join is another question. Will and Warthorpe must then work together to face down this threat that may even surpass anything they ever knew existed in reality.